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1 Hour Expert Massage – just £49

Start the week with a massage!


Every Monday and Tuesday our expert massage treatments are available for just £49.

Choose from our wide range of massage therapies: powerful, healing Thai massage; invigorating and deep tissue massage (Tui Na Chinese massage); Sports massage or Aromatherapy massage enhanced with pure essential oils of your choice; relaxing Swedish massage; or release the tension with a soothing Head massage.

Good massage is hard to find but you’re in luck because our therapists are truly amazing. Only the best therapists can call themselves an AcuMedic therapist. Tell them how you prefer your massage. Not too soft? Not too hard? Ok, they will get it just right for you.

AcuMedic have treated over 50,000 people since 1972 by using expert therapeutic massage in combination with bespoke Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Remember that massage is not a luxury. It should be part of your healthy lifestyle just like exercise and a good diet. A regime of regular massage helps maintain physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. We take massage seriously.


Thai massage; deep tissue massage; Tui Na Chinese massage; Sports massage; Aromatherapy massage; relaxing Swedish massage; Head massage in London