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Gift Vouchers for Body & Mind

Gift for Body and Mind

Our new gift vouchers are designed to be given to your loved ones to help them better take care of their health and wellbeing.

These convenient vouchers can be used for every service and product across the AcuMedic Centre—from Chinese medicine and massage, to Mei Leaf tea and the medical shop—valid all year round.

You have 3 new options:

  • £35 Gift Voucher can be redeemed for a Chinese Herbal Consultation
  • £55 Gift Voucher can cover an acupuncture treatment and a complete consultation, or a 45-minute session of massage therapy of your choice
  • £75 Gift Voucher is enough for a whole session of Musculoskeletal Treatment (acupuncture + cupping or Tuina for muscle tension and pain) or a massage treatment where you get 90 minutes of pampering with a purpose of getting your mind and body back on top form.

All gift vouchers can also be used on products from Mei Leaf teahouse and AcuMedic Shop on Camden High Street, and they are exclusively for offline purchases.Just in time for Christmas, the new gift vouchers are available at AcuMedic Centre today.

To buy your gift vouchers, click here to contact us now or visit us in Camden.

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