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Mrs. A. W.

I am 35 year old full-time Master student. I came do Dr Lily two months ago at the time when I had problems with my bladder. I told her my story with cystitis that kept coming back no matter which and how many antibiotics I took. Within less than a year, I had to take antibiotics more than 4 times. The fact that the bladder infection was not completely healed has brought me to take Chinese medicine under consideration. So, I have since been seeing Dr Lily on a regular basis, in order to regain the immune system of my body.

Dr Lily explained the benefit of the holistic treatment of the Chinese medicine to me, while analysing my needs. I let her know that I experienced a severe kidney infection twice. This was the reason why, I always had to take antibiotics immediately, if I can feel any symptom of a bladder infection. Dr Lily prescribed herbal capsules and tea for me. The positive result was visible after three weeks already. I started feeling better today.

There are significant changes that I would like to share with other patients here. Firstly, the quality of sleep has improved. In the past, I used to wake up between 3 and 4am every night due to the urge to empty my bladder. These days, however, I can stay in bed until 7am without the need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Secondly, when I first visited AcuMedic, I had constipation. I had difficulty in passing stool regularly. This condition, according to Dr Lily, was considered as a side effect of the antibiotics that I took three weeks before my first consultation. The constipation disappeared soon I took the herbs that Dr Lily gave to me. Thirdly, Dr Lily chose to treat me with acupuncture after completing the diagnosis. The result of such a therapy can be seen in the way of how my immune system is restored. I feel that I have gained vitality. Noticeably, my energy is flowing in a well regulated balance. I can do exercise the way I used to and feel much healthier than before. Finally, I should add that Dr Lily’s concept of healing is beneficial to me, since it covers not only the natural self-healing process, but also stimulates the whole physiological system of my body.

Today, I try to avoid antibiotics which have reduced the balance of my well-being. In addition, by eating enough fibre, I am trying to improve my eating routine. Also, I have more appetite and can enjoy eating again. Another remarkable change can be seen in my face. When I look in the mirror, I realise that my skin is much clearer and less dry than before. These positive results have influenced my attitude toward Chines medicine in a very good way. I am very grateful for Dr Lily’s individual treatment plan which has given me new confidence in my lifestyle. Thank you very much!