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Call Our Doctors for Help

Dear Patient,

In these extraordinary times of social distancing and national lockdowns, our doctors are here for you.

Over 200 years of clinical experience and 270 different Chinese herbs are still available to you – just a phone call away.

AcuMedic doctors are utterly devoted to finding you a bespoke herbal prescription for your health concerns.

Whatever you use Chinese Medicine for, be it stress, anxiety or immune system health, our doctors are ready to talk to you and get your herbs packed and posted to you from London.

3 easy steps:

1. Email or call us on 020 7388 6704 (Tues-Saturday 11am-5pm) to arrange a phone consultation with our doctors

2. Fill out a short form and email it back to us along with a clear photo of your tongue

3. Price of the consultation is £25 plus prescription charge

Email us today to arrange your phone consultation and get the herbal treatment you need.

AcuMedic Clinical Team

P.S. Worried about infections? Our IMMUNE FORTIFYING clinic service is now available over the phone at a special all-inclusive price of £35. Get 10 days of herbs for your individual immune system needs. Email us to arrange a call with our doctors.