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Our Mei Leaf is a treasure trove of loose leaf tea – the natural alternative to teabags and artificially flavoured teas.

Tea, Health and Happiness

The Chinese have a long tradition of tea drinking to aid recovery from illness and maintain well-being in between acupuncture and massage treatments. Today, free-thinkers around the world are enjoying the huge variety of flavours and well-being benefits of True tea – the invaluable link between medicine and food.

Watch this short video introduction to learn why TRUE tea can be good for your health.

About Mei Leaf

Now that you know that tea is one of the most positive and healthy habits you may be wondering how do you find the best tea for you.

Mei Leaf is internationally renowned by tea lovers across the globe for finding the most unique, small-batch tea and teaware.

They have been voted one of the top 5 specialist tea suppliers in the World.

Mei Leaf has the largest tea education channel on YouTube sharing tea education videos every week for everyone.

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