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Finally, Spring is here. Flowers are blooming and nature is flourishing, bringing with it a sense of personal growth and new beginnings. Perfect time for healthy habits.


In contrast to the overindulgent, laid back and reduced energy of Winter, now is the time for new challenges. In Chinese Medicine it is encouraged that as the seasons change, we should adapt accordingly to promote good health. Spring is a great time to begin actively challenging yourself to make better changes in order to improve your overall wellbeing.

Time to Spring Clean

To start afresh requires you to remove toxins from your daily routine. Many people would have done a detox at the start of the year. However, being that the New Year falls in the middle of winter, it is not an ideal time to make changes in order to cleanse the body. Spring, meanwhile, brings about a new energy that should be used to eliminate waste through diet, attitude, body and your environment. This is about spring-cleaning your life.

Once you start taking the steps towards a cleaner and healthier lifestyle you will feel refreshed, cleansed, rejuvenated and healthier. Now that’s something to be enthusiastic about!


Spring is an important time for cleaning and improving harmony, not only on the inside but also in your surroundings. Your health is closely related to the climate and our immediate surroundings so it’s important you take care in making sure your living space is clean and free of toxins (this includes your workspace).

Avoid chemical based products. Regular use of household cleaning products has been linked to triggering health problems, such as asthma, after years of exposure. If possible opt for environmentally friendly and chemical free products, now available in most high street supermarkets. If you want to take a DIY approach you can check out Pinterest where you would find plenty of homemade cleaning solution ideas.


Plants are a great way to clean the air within your home and remove toxins. Money plants are a traditional favourite in Chinese homes as they are said to attract the energy of wealth and prosperity, as well as provide a good supply of oxygen.


The sun has finally started to shine through and the air is full of fresh energy. Opening the windows, getting outside and deep breathing exercises in good quality air help to replenish Qi (the vital energy that makes you a living, breathing creature). Achieving a healthy balance of Qi is essential to your well-being.

If your Qi tanks are low or blocked, harmony is lost and we start to get ill. Even though urban societies are commonly surrounded by heavily polluted and dirty air, the air outdoors is still considered better for your health as it circulates, whereas the air indoors is comparatively inactive.


Our reliance on smartphones, laptops and instant notifications means we are now contactable at all times. While it may be comforting to be always in the know, it also disturbs any moments of peace and quiet, as well as our sleep. Take time to do a digital detox everyday and enjoy the peace and quiet again.

Dedicate an hour each day to do whatever you want to, whether it’s going for a walk, listening to music or reading a book. During this time switch off all communication and just be with yourself. Just having the potential of someone calling you puts your body in a state of readiness, which stops you from relaxing.


Don’t remove those winter clothes too quickly yet, or you’ll risk catching a cold. Although the sun is out, spring can be an extremely windy time of year. Protect yourself from the cold as it can slow down the immune system when your body has to use its energy to keep you warm. But if you keep warm, you allow your body to apply that energy in fighting off the germs. Wear layers but make sure you can adapt easily if you get too hot, though.