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Personal Statement

“Since I was a teenager I wanted to practice Chinese Medicine, like my mother whose work as a doctor brought so much happiness to others and herself. She was so happy to do this work, and people appreciated her very much. Watching her help people has taught me that solving people’s problems, saving people’s lives, is what makes life meaningful.” – Dr. Yi


Dr Yi graduated in 1984 from Nanjing’s Southeast University with a Bachelor’s degree in Traditional and Western Medicine, following a 5-year course of study.


35 years of clinical experience. Dr Yi begun his career as a doctor of internal medicine at the affiliated hospital of the Nanjing Railway Medical College in 1984.

In 1992 he moved to the Hong Jing city hospital’s emergencey departmet where he continued to work as a doctor.

In 1996 Dr Yi joined the Beijing Shunyi Hospital as a senior doctor in the department of integrated traditional and Western medicine, where he worked until his move to the UK in 2002.

Academic Work

Dr Yi served as a part-time teacher for 2 years at the Shunyi Hospital’s Health College where he taught medical students traditional diagnostic techniques and medical English.

In the UK, he has taught acupuncture for 5 years at the Almond Academy in Swindon.

These experiences have taught him the importance of making education practical and individually tailored to each person:

“I have noticed that talking to a whole classroom has limitations. It slows down everybody’s learning. Each student has their own needs and you must have the patience to thoroughly explain what they need to know, to each one of them.

To improve learning, I organised practical sessions for my students and provided case studies to help them learn the right solutions to medical problems. As a result, the students learned quickly.” – Dr Yi

Clinical Specialties

Dr Yi’s clinical experience has equipped him to treat chronic conditions commonly affecting men and women, including problems such as erectile dysfunction (‘impotence‘); pain; Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS); and painful menstruation periods (dysmenorrhoea). Dr Yi can also help patients undergoing stroke rehabilitation.

Experience of Working in the UK

Dr Yi has been practicing Chinese Medicine in the UK for 17 years. He has worked as a doctor in Swindon, Chester and Birmingham.

“In the UK I treat many people for diabetes, back and neck pain, stress and mental health conditions, skin problems, subfertility (‘infertility) and arthritis.

My approach is to understand as much as possible about each person’s circumstances so that I can give them an accurate prediction of how many treatment sessions they will need to overcome their health imbalances. This is a common question amongst patients so I believe the doctor’s job also includes education.

I always explain to my patients how my treatment works and how long it should take. People don’t just want diagnostic data, they also want to learn and understand their condition better. To make my treatment as effective as possible I also try to learn about my patient’s medical history and the circumstances of their health imbalances.”- Dr Yi

More About Dr Yi

“Every morning I go for a 45-minute run. I have done this every day all my life, rain or snow. That is why people still tell me I look 40 even though I am almost 60 years-old. I love swimming very much, too.

As a doctor I have to keep reading and stay on top of latest medical research. I read constantly and with all the textbooks and journals the mind can get stressed so I like to play Chinese chess for 10-30 minutes before bedtime. It helps me to clear my mind and relax.

Chinese classical music helps me to relax as well, but I appreciate how rock music can also have an effect on the body. It’s a different kind of effect, emotional and energising. It makes you want to sing. Sometimes you need that in life.”- Dr Yi