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Choose from Table Thai massage, Reflexology, Sports massage, Deep Tissue therapy, Lymphatic Drainage or a Full Body Massage. Codrina is a Massage Therapist who practised her techniques on herself before successfully applying them to help her clients.

Codrina is experienced in treating pain, aches, knots and stiffness in the muscles, joints and the back; and pressure in the neck and shoulders caused by emotional tension and stress. If you suffered an injury (including sports and repetitive strain injuries) or had to undergo a surgery she can help your body to recover mobility, flexibility, balance and reverse swelling. Codrina’s also experienced in reversing muscle contraction and treating the upper crossed syndrome.

“As an experienced and multi-skilled massage therapist I get many clients with pain in the upper or lower back, so I developed my own massage routine where I combine techniques from Thai, Sports and Deep Tissue therapies. First I relax the body to help it let go of the painful resistance, then I work deeply into the muscles to relieve the tension, and then I gently stretch them using techniques from Sports massage so it can recover flexibility and confidence.

I got into massage through learning Reflexology which always fascinated me as I studied geometry and taught mathematics. I love to grasp the meaning behind solid numbers and shapes, where no two problems are identical. This drives me to learn widely and deeply and helps me to get to the essence of physical conditions as I recognise the unique humanity within each of my clients.” Codrina

Codrina earned her massage qualifications at St. Mary’s University and the London Massage School. She is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.