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Take pictures of your whole family’s tongues and send them to us! Fortify your family health and win some Mei Leaf Tea!

Does tongue diagnosis sound strange? This is a powerful diagnostic tool used by Chinese Medicine and it was invented because of social distancing!

Tongue observation techniques were invented in ancient China to help doctors diagnose patients during a plague outbreak without the risk of physical contact. It is the perfect way to assess internal health remotely.

Tongue diagnosis is a routine part of Chinese Medicine practice because it is one of the most efficient ways to scan your body’s internal health.

During the current lockdown this is your only route to get the Chinese herbs you need to rebalance and fortify your health.

Not only your health, but the health of your whole family. As the world battles the COVID-19 it is vital you don’t neglect the well-being of your own family.

For this week only, our doctors are offering full tongue diagnosis to your whole family for the price of just one consultation, £35.

Here’s how:

1. Email us at clinic[at] to ask for a Family Health Consultation. We will send to you a short questionnaire about your current state of health.

2. Reply to us with answers from you and anyone else in your family. Attach to your email reply a photo of your tongue along with tongue photos of your family members. We will then arrange for you a phone consultation with our doctors.

3. During the phone consultation our doctors will ask some follow-up questions so they can pick the most useful Chinese herbs for you and anybody else in your family.

We will pick one family per month at random to win a free tea care package from Mei Leaf Tea.

We will email to you your personalised herbal prescriptions so you can order your herbs from our dispensary in London.*

Tongue diagnosis is your bridge across social distancing – straight to the personalised plant-based healthcare you need today.

*all optional herbal prescriptions are charged extra and vary from £5-£9 per day depending on the formulation.