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Whatever your skin’s requirements, whether it’s to rejuvenate your skin, put a stop to breakouts or to indulge in a pampering treat, the right facial should be much more than skin deep. A true facial works on inner as well as outer health.

The ultimate facial should be a holistic process. It should begin with an analysis of your current internal health and its effect on your skin, and gently treat the whole body accordingly. It will start on the inside to create a lasting difference to your outside appearance. The perfect facial will combine power with pampering to get to the root of your skin concerns.

So what exactly does it take for a facial to achieve dramatic results that actually last? Here are the main ingredients of the ultimate facial, up close:

acumedic herbal facial


Although there is a range of broad skin types (dry, oily, normal) no two persons should receive the identical facial. The ingredients of the ultimate facial should be selected according to the needs of your very own skin while any health concerns you might be having at the time must not be excluded from the equation.

For thousands of years, Chinese Medicine has observed the way internal health of different people influences the external appearance of their skin, eyes, hair and body shape. A Chinese cosmetology expert can use this knowledge to identify causes of various skin problems. For example, skin breakouts or dry skin could be caused by excessive heat in the body or too many toxins caused by a sluggish liver.

The needs of your skin and overall health should be assessed, and the causes of any skin concerns must be uncovered, in order to select the right skincare products and treatment techniques. A qualified and experienced Chinese cosmetologist can help. Therefore the ultimate facial should begin with a personal skin consultation.

During a skin consultation you should get an opportunity to discuss your concerns. The doctor/therapist should ask you some questions about your general health and lifestyle, observe your skin, tongue and take pulse diagnosis. Some questions should vary depending on whether you are female or male.

Chinese Medicine understands that your health and the state of your organs determines the state of your skin. Tongue diagnosis can provide a Chinese cosmetologist with a picture of your internal health while pulse diagnosis can help them to spot any sluggishness on the part of internal organs which could be at the root of your skin concerns. Understanding the state of your internal health is crucial to selecting the most appropriate treatment for your skin.


Facial acupuncture has grown immensely in popularity as a way of anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and dealing with any specific skin conditions. It’s now known as the nature’s answer to botox.

Acupuncture works by invigorating the body’s essential energy (Qi) and blood flow to the skin as well as treating internal conditions (such as excess heat or blood stasis) which may be leading to aggravated or dull looking skin.

Using the power of Chinese Medicine, cosmetic acupuncture can improve blood circulation to nourish and help hydrate and refresh the skin; increase cellular regeneration and collagen formation for a renewed complexion and skin elasticity; rejuvenate skin tone and restore a lustrous glow to the face; reduce crows feet, minimise fine lines and erase expression lines; firm and uplift sagging skin; and, clear dark circles and puffiness around the eyes as well as other signs of tiredness.

Remember: acupuncture is a natural treatment. the needles used are ultra fine to minimize any discomfort. Acupuncture is a very relaxing experience and if you’re still awake then all you’ll be feeling is a mild and brief pricking sensation, followed by a tingling feeling, letting you know it works.


Natural skincare should always be at the heart of any good facial. For the ultimate facial, only the nature’s finest herbs should be selected.

While some of these herbs should be administered during the facial treatment as ready cleansers, creams and exfoliants, the ultimate facial should also provide you with a herbal mask consisting of pure herbs selected and mixed precisely according to your needs.

The ultimate facial mask is not just for pampering, but an anti-ageing prescription formulated to lift away the years of tired and dull looking skin and restore skin’s natural radiance as well as to treat any blemishes or dark circles.

To instantly create a glowing complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as to improve skin elasticity, the ultimate facial should combine Chinese herbs which over the centuries have become renowned for their beauty functions and skin benefits.


After receiving personalised cosmetic acupuncture and a prescription Chinese herbal mask, the ultimate facial should include a dose of jade roller therapy. This can help close pores, firm and tighten skin, reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes and improve skin tone and elasticity.

In China, jade rollers have been used for centuries as a daily routine to keep skin youthful. The coolness of the jade closes the pores and tighten the skin. The smaller roller is used around the eyes to help banish dark circles, reduce wrinkles and any puffiness. The larger roller helps to relieve stress from the forehead, cheeks, neck and jaw-line, improve circulation, skin elasticity, and stimulate tired muscles to improve tone.

When not busy with the ultimate facial, a jade roller can be used at home to maintain some of the benefits of the treatment.


Using the best herbal skincare products isn’t going to be enough unless they’re applied using the right massage movements and complemented with acupressure massage therapy. Acupressure massage should be applied to aid skin nutrition and facial tone.


To maximise the effects of your facial, you may be given some lifestyle advice and some natural herbs or tea suggestions to suit your particular needs. This will continue to improve your skin until your next ultimate facial.