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How Chinese Medicine Works

How Chinese
Medicine works



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Image: CranioSacral Therapy is Here

Craniosacral Therapy Is Here

This is relaxation massage for your mind. And now you can enjoy it at our clinic.

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Image: Are AcuMedic Doctors Registered?

Are Acumedic Doctors Registered?

Yes, all are registered with the Chinese Medical Institute & Register. Google: 'CMIR UK'

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External Phone Line Fault. Please Email Us!

We are currently experiencing an issue with the external phone line. The fault means we are having problems receiving calls. Please email us! Thank you for your cooperation.

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Image: Chinese Medicine for Your Immune System

Chinese Medicine For Your Immune System

How acupuncture and herbs have been used to deal with immune system disorders for thousands of years

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Image: Why are Olympians going crazy for cupping?

Why Are Olympians Going Crazy For Cupping?

If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you’ve probably noticed some strange red marks on some of the top athletes.

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