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Chinese foot reflexology is not just for relaxation, but a powerful therapeutic massage that can stimulate and energise the whole body.

This is much more than just a foot a massage.

Chinese foot reflexology is very different from Western Reflexology (the Ingham Method). While both agree that your feet contain extra sensitive areas which correspond to all of the organs, glands and other parts of your body, Chinese foot reflexology takes this further into practice. Western Reflexology concentrates on relaxation whereas Chinese Reflexology aims to help the body heal and become stronger.

By firmly stimulating the feet’s extremely sensitive areas and keeping the feet warm during the massage, Chinese foot reflexology can improve blood and energy circulation across the entire body and its immune system. This can instantly boost well-being and speed up your recovery from various stress-related health conditions.

Chinese foot reflexology treats the feet as the ‘controls’ of the body’s energy flows, whose nerve endings lead directly into all the organs of the body. Therefore Chinese Foot Reflexology is highly useful not only as relaxing massage but as a preventative tool. This is an enjoyable way of looking after your health and detecting any imbalances you might be having in your body’s organ systems.

Chinese foot reflexology massage can be beneficial as part of treatment for High Blood Pressure and Stomach pain. It can also be effective in improving the digestive system, for example in cases of Constipation, and helping the body to detox.

How Chinese Foot Reflexology at AcuMedic can help you

Chinese foot reflexology massage applies a combination of firm pressure and sweeping strokes on the feet’s reflex points (very sensitive areas located on the soles, sides and upper areas of the feet) using fingers, thumbs and knuckles at a much greater depth than Western Foot Reflexology.

Chinese foot reflexology takes the principles of Tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage) and applies them to the feet. Like Tuina, Chinese foot reflexology is part of the system of Chinese Medicine and therefore understands that the body needs a constant and balanced circulation of essential energy (Qi) in order to remain alive and well. Blockages or imbalances in the circulation of Qi result in illness.

The flow of Qi runs along discreet channels which pass through the feet. Since the feet have many highly sensitive areas, stimulating them with certain massage movements can naturally manipulate the energy flow to help unblock the circulation and lead to recovery as well as an instant lift in mood and well-being.

For example, if the Qi is not circulating fully and the energy is low then the massage can stimulate the circulation which can energise the body and boost the healing process. If there are blockages in the flow of Qi, Chinese foot reflexology massage can resolve the obstruction.

By intensely stimulating the reflex points on the feet Chinese foot reflexology can help to clear energy blockages in the body and naturally guide the Qi and blood to the afflicted areas of the body.

To find out more read our brief Introduction to Chinese Medicine.

+ What to Expect

The AcuMedic massage therapist will have a brief consultation to understand your health needs before asking you to sit on a bed and take off your shoes and socks.

The therapist will clean your feet and you will then receive an invigorating Chinese leg and foot massage using our nourishing foot creams. The cream is an amazing blood circulation energizer and will help you feel both relaxed and rejuvenated.

The therapist will begin with lighter massage touches but will gradually increase the pressure to stimulate rejuvenation. Pressure on certain points of the feet will be deliberately prolonged to speed up the healing process and make the treatment more immediately effective. If the pressure gets a bit too intense, then don’t be shy to say it!

Reflexology massage is perfect for soothing and refreshing tired feet but can also be effective at boosting overall health and detecting general health disorders which can develop into chronic conditions if left untreated.

After the treatment you should feel relaxed but alert. You should notice additional benefits in digestive health and an improved sleep.

+ What the Clients Say

“The therapist was great. Complimentary jasmine tea much appreciated. Thanks.”

  • £60 for 45-minute session
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