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Sports massage therapy is regularly used by sports people of all levels because it delivers far-reaching benefits for the body and mind.

Sports massage is ideal for treating and preventing injuries and enhancing any physical activity.

The reason behind the widespread use of sports massage among sports performers is because it focuses on managing the soft tissues (your skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) that support the structures of the body and which therefore get some of the most intense work out and stress during physical activity.

Sports massage was originally developed to help athletes. Sports massage uses a combination of Swedish massage and trigger point therapy to help prepare the body for exercise and also relieve sports injuries and chronic muscle pain. It is also good for classic back and shoulder pain caused by overuse of computers and stress.

The benefits of our Sports Massage for athletes

Sports massage at AcuMedic in London can help you to physically prepare you for sporting activities and for the conditioning and training phase as a means of preventing injuries.

Sports massage can also benefit injury recovery.

Sports massage is commonly used as part of treatment for Sciatica; knee pain; Tennis Elbow and lower back pain.

Sports massage may also be used to improve blood and lymph circulation; remodel scar tissue; help the body to get rid of metabolic waste; increase or decrease muscle tone and length, as well as to stimulate or sedate nerve endings.

Even if you are not doing any exercise, Sports massage can be beneficial to relieve tension or any injuries associated with RSI or posture

+ How it works

The purpose of Sports Massage is to help optimise your body for any physical activity, whether you are experiencing pain or conditioning yourself for training. The therapy focuses on the body’s soft tissues and will use a variety of massage techniques depending on your requirements. The most commonly used techniques are trigger point therapy and Swedish massage.

Trigger point therapy typically uses short, slow massage strokes in one direction that apply deep pressure on the muscle knots in your body which are caused by over exertion, bad posture and stress. The massage movements are applied in a systematic manner to release the tension, and over a few sessions, the pain radiating from the trigger point subsides as the muscle knot is released.

Swedish massage provides the ‘relaxation’ part of Sports Massage, where the therapist uses various gentle movements to improve blood circulation so that the muscles can receive more oxygen and are able to relax and recover from any previous strain.

+ What to expect

All AcuMedic therapists are trained in a variety of the most important massage disciplines and will be able to provide you with the right mix of massage treatment techniques, individualised according to your health and fitness needs. They will make sure your Sports Massage is perfect for you.

+ Treatment

The treatment will begin with a consultation where the therapist will ask you a few questions about your health and lifestyle and will understand your individual massage needs and physical activity requirements.

Sports Massage uses a combination of movements and, depending on your needs, the movements will be deep and focused or broad and smooth. The therapist usually begins by using gentler movements and gradually increases the intensity of massage to ensure that the rhythm and depth of movements, and the locations chosen, are just right for you.

+ After the treatment

After the Sports Massage you should feel a greater sense of agility and power in your body, coupled with a refreshed and relaxed mind. Sports Massage can help to correct posture and you should feel taller and more confident.

+ What the clients say

“This was my first treatment at AcuMedic which was a deep tissue massage for a constant tingling in my right hand fingers and tensions around the neck and shoulder area. The masseur was exceptional. I have had similar treatment in the past but she had managed to loosen the knots in my neck, shoulders and back and already feeling relief after just 10mins. I intend to continue treatment until I have complete relief.”


  • £45 for 30-minute session
  • £60 for 45-minute session
  • £80 for 60-minute session
  • £90 for 90-minute session
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