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‘What do you do here?’

We are the largest CHINESE MEDICAL CENTRE outside Asia. We have a clinic offering acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine, massage and natural cosmetic treatments. We have a tea bar, book shop and health shop selling tonics and skincare products. We also run courses in Chinese Medicine and sell professional medical equipment to doctors.


‘What is Chinese Medicine?’

Chinese Medicine is a system of medicine which has developed over thousands of years into a very modern medicine. It is based on the concept that all illness and health issues come from an imbalance in the body which affects the flow of energy and fluids and seeks to rectify this imbalance in order for you to feel better.

‘How is Chinese Medicine different to Western Medicine?’

Western medicine looks at individual physical symptoms and uses drugs or surgery to directly manage or combat the condition. Chinese Medicine looks at all the physical, mental and emotional symptoms to create a holistic diagnosis of the patient and uses herbs, acupuncture and massage to reverse the condition or illness.

‘Which is better?’

Both Western and Chinese Medicines have a purpose and ideally you should use both depending on what you are suffering from. Western Medicine is great at direct, short term solutions to problems like if you are in a car accident or suffering from a virus. Chinese Medicine is perfect for long term solutions to more complex problems like infertility, chronic pain or a weak immune system. Chinese Medicine is also excellent at preventative care to prevent illness from developing in the first place.

‘How does Chinese Medicine work?’

Please take a moment to read our brief explanation of Chinese Medicine: CLICK HERE.

‘Does it really work?’

Absolutely. Chinese Medicine has treated billions of people for thousands of years with great results.


‘Are your doctors registered?’

All of our doctors are registered with the CHINESE MEDICAL INSTITUTE & REGISTER. An organisation with strict codes of conduct and qualification requirements which far exceed those of other groups like the BAC or BMAS.

‘Are your doctors Western trained as well?’

All of our doctors have Western medical training and should be able to understand any Western medical treatments that you are receiving.

‘Do your doctors speak English?’

Yes, all of our doctors have a good level of english. Very occasionally we will provide a translator if the doctor feels that communication is not sufficient.

‘What should I expect from my consultation?’

If you are coming in for a Chinese Medical consultation then you will be seen by one of our doctors. He or she will sit and talk with you about any and all of your health concerns and ask you relevant questions. The doctor will examine your tongue (called tongue diagnosis) and feel your pulse (called pulse diagnosis). After this the doctor will discuss the Chinese Medical diagnosis and explain the treatment that you need.

‘Should I bring my scans or other medical records?’

Yes. Any extra information, scans, blood analysis or letters from other doctors will be useful to get a better picture of your Western medical diagnosis and your corresponding treatment.

‘What should I expect from acupuncture?’

The doctor will most probably ask you to remove some clothes (except underwear) and lie down. Acupuncture needles will be inserted as necessary and then you will probably be left alone in the room for the acupuncture treatment to continue. You may be left for up to half an hour as the time left with the needles is important for treatment. There will be a bell next to your bed in case you require attention. After the necessary duration of treatment, the doctor will return and remove the acupuncture needles and allow you to dress.

‘Does acupuncture hurt?’

It varies from patient to patient and the position of the acupuncture point. Most of the time it is painless with just the slightest pricking sensation. If there is a lot of blocked energy at a point then you may feel a mild electric charge or slight stinging sensation. But any pain is very brief.

‘How will I feel after acupuncture?’

Many patients feel very relaxed after treatment and may be a little drowsy. You will be able to get on with your day directly after treatment but you might want to try not to plan to do anything strenuous and enjoy the chance to relax.

‘How long does it take to have an acupuncture appointment?’

First time appointments usually last 45 minutes – 1 hour, subsequent appointments are usually 40 minutes. If you are prescribed raw herbs then this can take up to half an hour to prepare after your appointment.

‘Do you use sterile/disposable needles?’

Yes we only use sterile disposable needles. AcuMedic actually invented the disposable acupuncture needle.

‘What should I expect from Chinese Herbal Medicine?’

If the doctor feels you should take Chinese Herbal Medicine then you will be give a prescription. This may be an individualized herbal prescription using a combination of raw herbs which are made specifically for you after treatment or pre-formulated herbal capsules and drinks. You will be able to purchase your prescription when paying for your treatment.

‘How do I take the medicine?’

If you are given a raw herbal prescription then you will need to boil the herbs at home to prepare a tea. You will be given instructions on how to do this by clinic reception but it basically involves soaking and cooking the herbs in water.

If you are prescribed pre-formulated capsules or drinks then the receptionist will advise you on your dosage.

How to prepare Chinese herbal medicine?

You can download a copy of herbal medicine preparation instructions here.

You will be given a copy of these instructions by clinic reception.

‘What does the herbal medicine tea taste like?’

We’re not going to lie to you, the raw herb tea can taste pretty disgusting. It will most probably be bitter and strong but it will be the most effective medicine for you, individually tailored to your health needs. You can add some honey to mask the bitterness but we advise just trying to drink the cup of tea quickly.

‘Does Chinese Medicine interact with the Western Medicine I am taking?’

In most cases there is absolutely no problem combining Chinese and Western medicine but please do discuss any Western medication that you are taking with your doctor.

‘Can I just buy the herbs if I have seen another Chinese Doctor somewhere else?’

Our code of conduct only allows us to provide prescriptions from CMIR registered doctors. If your doctor is not CMIR registered then you will have to have a herbal consultation with one of our doctors.

‘How can I trust the quality and purity of your herbs’

We have been selling chinese Herbs for over 30 years and have established strong and very strict partnerships with herb growers all over China. All of our herbs are cultivated to be effective and are delivered to us as pure single herbs (not mixed in China). We have experts in London to check the herbs before we can sell them to our patients.

‘Do you sell any banned herbs?’

Absolutely not. We are in constant contact with the MHRA and CITES guidelines on herb imports. We do not import anything containing Aristolochia.

‘How soon will I see/feel results? How many sessions do I need?’

This depends a lot on the patient and the severity of your condition. The doctor should be able to give you a good idea of what results you should see and when you should expect to see them. It is most common for patients to feel the first effects of the treatment after one or two sessions but it may take a bit longer.


‘What should I expect from my cosmetology appointment?’

Depending on which treatment you choose, your appointment will vary slightly. All treatments will involve a skin consultation.

During the skin consultation you will get you an opportunity to discuss your concerns and for the doctor/therapist to explain the Chinese Medical approach to treating skin. The doctor/therapist will ask you some questions about your general health and lifestyle, observe your skin, tongue and take pulse diagnosis. Some questions will vary depending on whether you are female or male.

Chinese Medicine understands that your internal health and the state of your organs determines the state of your skin. Tongue diagnosis can provide a Chinese Medical expert with a picture of your internal health while pulse diagnosis can help them to spot any sluggishness on the part of internal organs which could be at the root of your skin concerns. Understanding the state of your internal health is crucial to selecting the most appropriate treatment for your skin.

If you have chosen to have cosmetic acupuncture then fine acupuncture needles will be placed at specific points on your face and perhaps a few on your body. These will be left for about 15-20 minutes to have effect. If you have chosen to have a herbal facial then various chinalife cleansers, herbal masks and creams will be applied and you will have a facial massage. Please read about each specific treatment before booking to get a clearer picture of the treatment you should expect.

‘How does cosmetic acupuncture work?’

Acupuncture works both locally and internally. Locally it will help collagen formation, reduce wrinkles, improve skin nourishment and reduce blood stasis which causes dark circles and scarring. Internally acupuncture will help to reduce heat and damp which causes bad skin. It will also improve blood circulation to the skin, help detox the body and improve general wellbeing. All this leads to improved skin elasticity, clear complexion, reduced signs of ageing and glowing, nourished skin. Please read our guide for more information.

‘How quickly will I see results with cosmetic acupuncture?’

You should usually see an improvement in your skin within a few sessions although most people notice an immediate difference.


‘What should I expect from my massage appointment?’

Your therapist will have a brief discussion with you about any specific issues that you would like to address and then start the massage. We keep the consultation time short in order to maximize your time having treatment. Consultation will continue during treatment if necessary. The style of massage will be discussed and adapted to your personal needs. We encourage all patients to talk with their therapist to ensure the right amount of pressure (if it’s too soft or too hard then please tell us!). You should also feel free to ask a therapist to concentrate on certain areas or repeat movements that you enjoy. We always aim to tailor the massage to your personal preferences.

‘Are your massage therapists fully qualified?’

All of our therapists are qualified and have been hand picked by our very fussy clinical directors for their massage ability. You can be assured of expert treatment by all of our therapists but each one will have their own individual qualities. Please speak with our reception when booking if you have any particular requirements and our reception can help to recommend a therapist.

‘Do you offer Cupping or Gua Sha’

Yes we do offer these services. However, it is important to note that these treatments will result in bruising marks. You will be asked to sign a waiver form that acknowledges this before we can offer treatment. The bruising marks tend to last several days but can disappear quicker or slower depending on the individual. We do not offer pricking cupping.

‘Do you offer any sexual services?’

No. We are a professional medical clinic and we will immediately blacklist and refuse treatment to anyone making sexual advances to any of our doctors or therapists.


‘Do I need to make an appointment?’

Yes it is advisable. You can try and get an appointment on the day but we may not be able to see you.

‘How much will treatment cost?’

Please take a look at our treatment price list.

‘Will my insurance cover my treatment costs?’

This depends on your insurer, many patients do claim money for treatment here. You will have to pay the costs yourself and claim back the money from your insurer. We can provide all the necessary receipts and sign any insurance forms