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Price? We’ve Reduced it to Just £35. This Month Only

Acupuncture. You’ve heard about it, maybe you have had friends who have tried it. Maybe you are intrigued by it too.

This little needle has improved the lives of millions if not billions of people throughout history. So, what is stopping you from trying it?

AcuMedic has been open for over 40 years and in that time we have heard all the excuses possible for not trying acupuncture. Here are some common ones:


Yawn. This argument is getting very old and very boring. It is thrown about by the self proclaimed Skeptics who are either ignorant or have an agenda.

Acupuncture DOES have powerful therapeutic effects and even though it is very difficult to perform double blind trials (it is not easy to ‘fake’ acupuncture and everyone might be treated differently), there are plenty of trials which have proven Acupuncture to be therapeutic. Even the World Health Organisation recommends acupuncture for a variety of conditions.


The thickness of the needles are around 0.2 mm. Usually you don’t feel a thing but you will probably have a couple of points that have a quick pricking but then it’s gone and you can relax and feel the therapeutic benefits flowing through your body.


We know that people get a little freaked out when they visit a doctor. When that doctor is from China and has studied a different type of medicine to your GP then it can be a bit unnerving. But instead of stressing, imagine this:

You walk into a doctor’s room where you can discuss all of your issues (not one per appointment) and they will treat them all in one go (within reason) without any drugs that might cause dependence or side effects. That includes physical, mental and emotional issues because we treat them all together.


This depends on how much your health is worth to you. The price of acupuncture is between £45 and £65. Most clients come once every couple of weeks to begin with and once they are feeling good they come in for top ups once a month or so. That works out at about £1 – £3 per day over a year.

Special price

This August only, acupuncture treatment is just £35. This saves you £30 on the normal price of £65.

You’ll be able to use this special price as often as you want until 31 August.

This special offer is for new clients only. If you’ve never tried AcuMedic acupuncture before then now is your best chance. Go for it.

Call us 020 7388 6704 or come in to the Clinic to book your first appointment and say that you would like to take advantage of the ‘ACUPUNCTURE SUMMER SAVING’ offer.