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4 Main Causes of Weight Gain – and How Acupuncture Can Help

Chinese medicine has pinpointed the main causes of obesity thousands of years ago. Take a look at this quick guide to the subtle causes of weight gain and how acupuncture can help you lose weight in a natural and sustainable way.

Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive accumulation that presents a risk to health. The number of people who are obese is rising rapidly throughout the world, making obesity one of the fastest developing public health problems in the Western world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has described the problem of obesity as a worldwide epidemic. Weight is not only dependant on the simple concepts of calorie and aft intake vs exercise. There are generally 4 main causes for weight gain and each person may be suffering from a combination of these factors.

Acupuncture is a really effective way of losing weight because it first looks at the more subtle causes of excessive weight and tailors treatment individually. At AcuMedic we have an extremely effective Detox and Weight Loss Programme which consists of 3 sessions and includes herbal supplements and teas. The total cost for the entire programme is £150. Visit or call 0207 388 6704

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