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How Chinese Medicine Works

How Chinese
Medicine works



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Image: What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Family's Health?

What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Family's Health?

Take pictures of your whole family's tongues and send them to us! Win some Mei Leaf Tea!

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Image: Call Dr Lily for Fertility Help

Call Dr Lily For Fertility Help

Never stop trying for a baby. There is still hope.

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Image: Worried about infections?

Worried About Infections?

Call our doctors for help

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Image: Get Your Medicine by Phone

Get Your Medicine By Phone

Call us today

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Coronavirus Notice

We want to reassure all clients of the measures that we are taking in light of the recent Coronavirus alert in China. Any member of staff who has visited China this year has not been allowed to return to work until sufficient time has passed to ensure that there is no chance of infection. We […]

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