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Year of the Dragon 2024 Promotion – Terms and Conditions

All offers are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions, including cancellation and refund policy. Offers can be withdrawn or extended without prior notice. AcuMedic Ltd reserves the right to explanation.

3-for-2 Vouchers

  • Valid only on treatments of Standard Acupuncture and Musculoskeletal Pain treatment
  • Can only be purchased between 10th and 25th February
  • Maximum two sets of vouchers per customer
  • Use by 28th January 2025, and after this date, unused expired vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or treatments
  • Once purchased no refunds can be given
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion

Free Treatment for Existing Clients Born in the Year of Dragon*

  • Free Treatment refers to Standard Acupuncture, or consultation, or 30 minutes Chinese Foot Massage with our specialist Dr Yangui Guo
  • One free treatment per client who was born in the Year of Dragon based on the dates listed below
  • Offer is available to claim during the period 10th February 2024 to 28th January 2025
  • Proof of birth date is required with a valid ID if you haven’t provided such information previously. The member of our Reception team has the right of rejection if the requirement is not met

*Definition: Year of Dragon

It refers to an existing client whose birthday falls on one of the days according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is defined purely for marketing and promotional purposes. The dates and years hereby refer to:

23/01/1928 – 09/02/1929
08/02/1940 – 26/01/1941
27/01/1952 – 13/02/1953
13/02/1964 – 01/02/1965
31/01/1976 – 17/02/1977
17/02/1988 – 05/02/1989
05/02/2000 – 23/01/2001
23/01/2012 – 09/02/2013
10/02/2024 – 28/01/2025