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Ms. A. M.

Previously used pain killers for bad back and hip pain. Acupuncture and back massage by the Doctor has been a life saver! I couldn’t move properly. Had to lie straight on blanket placed on the floor. After treatment recovered my mobility, Cannot thank AcuMedic and their doctor enough. Thoroughly recommend them.


Ms. R. Z.

I was experiencing lower back pain, a very severe one. I tried osteopathy, but that didn’t help. However, since I started having acupuncture, I felt much better after the first treatment. I am now pain free.


Ms. R. M.

At AcuMedic I use acupuncture which I find works very well in relieving stress and improving my energy levels. It also reduces back pain and helps me sleep. It complements other approaches I use like yoga.


Ms. W. E.

I came here suffering from back ache, stress and lack of periods. Previously I took painkillers and Western herbal medicine. I had acupuncture at AcuMedic which brought pain and stress relief.


Mrs. G. M. R

I’ve also had acupuncture for my back and it is the only thing that gives me relief. I’ve always believed in alternative medicine and Chinese is definitely the best for me!