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Miss. V. M. H.

My treatment whilst undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer was very beneficial. On one occasion my blood count (white blood cells) even increased on monthly blood test taken at an NHS hospital. My hair did not fall out completely. More recently I found the herbs for my skin (dry and splitting) have helped restore it. I suffer from cystitis and this is gradually being reduced. I must say I have been helped enormously by Chinese Medicine over the past 6 years. Thank you.


Mr. J.D.

Six years ago I was diagnosed as having prostrate cancer. I had visited my doctor because I seemed to be going to the toilet quite often during the night.

My doctor gave me a PSA blood test and it came out at 12.3. This is considered high as a first test and I was immediately sent to have a biopsy. The biopsy confirmed that I had a cancerous growth on the side of my prostrate. This is a dangerous location because it means the cancer can easily spread into the surrounding tissues and to other areas of the body. I then immediately had an MRA body scan. The results of the test showed that there no visible signs of the cancer having spread. Having said that the specialists did say that it may have spread as our ‘modern’ imaging systems cannot pick up microscopic cancer cells starting their ‘war’ with whatever part of the body they have decided to attack, having left their comfortable home base of the prostrate gland.

Since the cancer was on the outside of my prostrate it was important to immediately take corrective action. There then followed a discussion between various specialists as to what would be the most suitable treatment in my case.

I have to say at this stage I was very scared as to what treatment I should embark on. Always remember that doctors are doctors because they enjoy practicing their trade on their patients. All the various specialists will say to you ‘let me treat you’. The options were
1) Surgical removal of the prostrate.

2) Radio Therapy to burn out the cancer in the prostrate.

3) Insert special pellets into the prostrate to kill off the cancerous cells over time

Option 1) could possibly mean my being incontinent permanently. Option 2) would mean it would not be possible to remove the prostrate at a later date if the cancer returned because the surrounding flesh is burnt and the healing process after the operation could be long and difficult leading to possibly serious incontinence. Option 3) did not actually become an option because it only works if the cancer is ‘contained’ within the prostrate. In my case as explained above it was on the edge of my prostrate.

In the end it is the patient who has to decide. I plumped for option 2). I therefore had a treatment programme that lasted for thirty days with 30 second ‘shots’ at the three critical cancer areas each working day. This left me seriously debilitated and exhausted. It was necessary to rest in bed after the treatment as it dragged down my whole energy levels.

Having completed the radio therapy course I then had another PSA test and the results were a PSA rating of around 0.5. Effectively the cancer had been stopped in its tracks. My energy levels continued to be very low however and I was very lethargic. It was the then that I was recommended to Acumedic and I went to see Dr Lily.

For me Chinese medicine conjured up the concept of the body being a pinball with dozens of needles sunk into the body with no discernable results. How wrong I was. Dr Dr Lily, a very attractive lady with her deep brown eyes, catches your attention as she initially explains how Chinese doctors over the millenniums have discovered how the human body functions. We all maintain our health by a fine balance of the key bodily organs; heart, liver, kidneys, blood circulation etc. All should be functioning in unison/balance or in Chinese parlance Ying and Yang.

Dr Lily initially assesses the overall balance of ones body by feeling the pulse. I never knew that taking ones pulse informed her of not just the function of the heart but also the kidneys and liver. The tongue is also one of the most important bodily surfaces and gives up a host of possible telltale problems. Having assessed me initially Dr Lily diagnosed a severe weakness in my kidneys and liver function largely attributing to my lack of energy and being generally run down.

I embarked on a series of monthly visits to Dr Lily. On each occasion I had an acupuncture session over parts of my body relevant to my ailment. After the first treatment I was totally exhausted. It was if the needles released stress or pressure on parts of my body to address the imbalance caused by the draconian radio therapy treatment. I was also instructed by Dr Lily to drink green tea regularly. It has become a daily habit over all these years. In my business I travel extensively to the Middle East and therefore I was put on a continuous course of herbal pills which are easy to carry. The herbal pills, defined by numbers, endeavour to restore the balance back in the body. Gradually over several months, by regular visits and disciplining myself  to follow the regime prescribed by Dr Lily, my levels of energy returned. Today I feel no different than before my Radio Therapy treatment. My sex life is unfortunately impaired but I am not incontinent in any way.

Since taking green tea I have not had a single bout of flue or any colds. I am convinced that the regular sessions I have had with Dr Lily over the past 6 years have been of inestimable value to me and my general well being. One of the most important aspects for all new patients embarking on a program of Chinese medicine is not to expect immediate results. We take an aspirin to cure a headache more or less immediately. It is a powerful drug. There are no powerful drugs in Chinese medicine. There are hundreds of subtle herbs which you are required to infuse into your body regularly over many months. Gradually, imperceptibly, your body reacts to the herbs and responds positively.

Chinese medicine works in symbiosis with Western medicine. For example once a patient has a cancer aggressive surgery or chemo/radio therapy can in some cases eliminate the cancer or at least curtail its aggressive path of destruction. Thereafter to bring the body back from the stresses incurred by the treatment, regular therapeutic Chinese medicinal solutions gradually restore the body to its normal  functions. Of course not everyone can be cured. However from my limited experience the six years of constant treatment by Dr Lily has I believe stabilised my body. Whilst my PSA has risen marginally, as far as my Western doctors are concerned, the cancer has not spread to other parts of my body, despite the fact the initial location of the cancer was in a critical area of my body.

I am confident that by maintaining my ‘balance’ of health, with the continuing use of Chinese medicine, I can reduce the risk of the return of my aggressive cancer. As my Western Doctor says “Once you have it you can never get rid of it” However you can try to forestall its growth. Thank you Acumedic and Dr Lily for all your continuing help.


Ms. A.L.

I have had a long history of health problems following cancer of the colon in 2000.

Dr. Lily treated me after my operation and her acupuncture and herbs helped me on the road to a good recovery. Dr. Lily helped me to regain confidence that despite my serious condition I would improve.

AcuMedic always comes up trumps! Thank you team!


Ms. S. R.

A woman came to AcuMedic Clinic shortly after finishing a course of chemotherapy for tongue cancer. In addition to serious stress and a very painful lump in the throat, the cancer was causing depression; insomnia; headaches; poor appetite; mouth ulcers; frequent urination at night, very dry mouth and cold temperature in the limbs. The Doctor recognised the symptoms as stagnation of blood and of Liver’s Qi as well as a deficiency of the body’s overall Qi and of Yin (the cooling bodily fluids). After 4 months of acupuncture and herbal treatment, the lump completely disappeared and the dryness in the mouth was significantly relieved. The patient was able to go back to work.


Ms. A. S.

A woman had a lump in her left breast for 6 months and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Previously she suffered from a prolapse of the uterus and had been taking hormone replacement therapy. She was experiencing hot flushes; stress and anxiety; shortness of breath; poor appetite and frequent urination at night. The AcuMedic doctor identified a deficiency of the cooling energy in the Kidney and of the energy in the Spleen, as well as a stagnation of energy in the Liver. Appropriate acupuncture and herbal treatment were given and subsequently the patient’s white and red blood cells count improved along with the results in other related tests. The patient started to feel significantly better while undergoing Western cancer treatment.


Mr. D. B.

A man was suffering from constant dry cough for 10 months as a result of cancer in the left lung which required an operation that caused severe stress. Itchy throat; dry mouth; poor appetite and sleepiness were other symptoms. The doctor diagnosed a deficiency of cooling energy in the Lug, a stagnation of Qi in the Liver and a deficiency of Qi of the Heart. After 4 months of acupuncture and herbal treatments, the cough had almost disappeared.