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Mrs. M. H.

The expert and caring attention received from Dr. Lily at AcuMedic since 1998 has resulted in a drop in my cholesterol level from a high of 14.2 to a much more satisfactory level currently of 8.3. This has been monitored by Dr Cox’s Haematology Clinic at Golden Brookes Hospital, Cambridge, who prescribe Simvastatin. Although this was taken prior to the Chinese medicine, it did not have a significant effect until it was taken in conjunction with Chinese medicine.

Dr. Lily has also treated me successfully for menopause symptoms, having emphasised the undesirability of taking HRT with such a high cholesterol level.

I cannot speak too highly of Dr Lily’s care and the results of Chinese medicine.


Mr. G. G.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, coronary arteriosclerosis, night sweats, bloating stomach and severely lacking in energy were just some of the symptoms that I was suffering after my heart bypass surgery five years ago. The first 3 years after the surgery I was doing very well, losing weight and generally enjoying life as I had before with regular visits to the gym, skiing and golf trips. But then two years ago my old lifestyle of too much work and stress crept up on me and my energy level went down to the point that I was feeling there must be something wrong again with my heart.

After five treatment sessions at the world renowned Acumedic clinic in London, the centre for Chinese medicine in the UK, my life has been transformed.

Before I came to see Dr Lily at AcuMedic I was suffering with terrible symptoms and they were seriously affecting my quality of life. Until last year a friend told me about the Acumedic clinic. I was hesitant at first as I had never had any sort of treatment outside of my usual medication. I wasn’t convinced it would help but decided to try and give it a go as a last resort anyway. So I went in for my first treatment in September 2007. Had acupuncture, massage and was prescribed a Chinese tea and herb mix to help alleviate my symptoms.

The funny thing was that I noticed the difference immediately. Up to that point I had been sweating heavily and I sat at the dinner table later that day with my wife and she commented on how unusual it was that I was not sweating at all! My blood pressure lowered that day and continued to drop over the following months to where it is now – normal. Only ten months after starting the treatment I have lost 8 kilos. From the following figures you can see, my blood, sugar level is stable, my cholesterol is below normal, my energy is good and even most of my night sweats had disappeared.

  • My blood pressure went from 110/180 in November 2007 to 70/140 (with decrease in Western medication) in August 2008;
  • My sugar levels went from 10.0 (Long term) to 7.5 (Short term) in November 2007, and in August 2008 they went from 8.4 (Long term) to 6.7 (Short term).
  • My Cholesterol was 4.5; HDL=0.7; LDL=2.9 in November 2007, and in August 2008 it was 4.9; HDL=0.9; LDL=3.1.

I was very happy to be able to go on our annual ski trip to Italy this February, something that seemed so unlikely before coming to AcuMedic, and I enjoy my golf as I used to.

On my latest visit in June, everything was normal and stable. I have never seen or heard of such results before, it’s quite unbelievable. The most amazing thing for me is of course to see how much the blood pressure went down and the energy and strength went up.

I recommend Acumedic clinic now to everyone and I would say even if you don’t believe in it, give it a try because it could change your life. It has definitely changed mine.

I started getting treatment in AcuMedic in the year 2007, when my health was very bad. I had open heart surgery in the year 2003, I was overweight and was also diagnosed with diabetes II. For the next 2 years I was in recovery programs and made progress, lost weight and my sugar level got better, but soon after the program ended I started a downwards slide which ended in complete exhaustion. That was when AcuMedic was recommended for me.

It really turned my life around, although I must say I have not been the most obedient patient. My energy came back, my sugar level and cholesterol levels came down and the blood pressure got better on the whole. And my weight has slowly been going down. Today my cholesterol is normal and my sugar level is almost under control.

I have been a patient in AcuMedic ever since 2007, although I do not live in Britain. I fly over, once in two months or so, on Friday and my appointments are on Saturday. On that day I meet Dr. Lily for my diagnosis and acupuncture. I also have massage (and even an occasional facial massage) and I am always carrying home many weeks supply of the herbs that make me so much better.