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Digestive Disorders


Miss K. C.

When I first came to AcuMedic I was suffering from major depression, acne and digestive problems. After 6 weeks of herbs, 2 courses of tablets and acupuncture I can honestly say the improvement has been quite unbelievable. having lived with all these symptoms for many years the relief has been huge. I have been hugely impressed and would have no hesitation in recommending these combined treatments.


Ms A. L.

Recently I had become stressed due to the news of my mother’s ill health and the complicated and dangerous operation she has to encounter. This tension caused digestive issues for me and a month ago I was given acupuncture. The effects were immediate. I felt completely invigorated ad able to cope again!

AcuMedic always comes up trumps! Thank you team!


Ms A. A.

I have suffered sinusitis, problems with my bowels and right hand side near my liver/gall bladder.

I have also suffered headaches, poor blood circulation.

It’s been a couple of weeks I have been receiving treatment at AcuMedic and already feel energised and feel looked after. I am receiving acupuncture and herbs to cure my condition.

My doctor is very attentive and professional. She creates very comforting environment for me as her patient. She explains everything, is very positive and efficient.

I look forward to recovering and balancing my health with AcuMedic.

Thanks a lot.