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“It’s a really big thing” say the presenters of ITV’s This Morning Show

In front of an audience of 1 million people, AcuMedic’s Dr Lily steps up to introduce Chinese medicine live on UK television.

As one of the oldest and most widely used systems of healthcare in the world, the enduring popularity of Chinese medicine amongst health-conscious people, celebrities and athletes is a constant source of media interest. With her vast experience as a practising doctor and lecturer of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Dr Lily Hua Yu MD, BSc, MSc, FCMIR is often the go-to expert for the national press.

This Morning has been delivering current affairs and lifestyle news to British TV viewers daily since 1988. AcuMedic, founded in 1972, is the oldest and largest Chinese Medicine clinic in the West. It’s Clinical Director, Dr Lily, has been treating patients at AcuMedic centre in London for over 30 years now.

In her appearance on This Morning Dr Lily explained some of the basic concepts of how Chinese medicine works. She prepared bespoke herbal medicine for presenters Alison Hammond and Rochelle Humes. The remedies were made according to their individual diagnoses, and Dr Lily explained how Chinese and Western treatments should be combined for the best results.

As often happens in these interviews, Dr Lily was asked about her memories of the late Diana, Princess of Wales—perhaps her most famous patient. The Princess used to visit AcuMedic twice a week for acupuncture and herbal treatment, and Dr Lily remembers vividly Diana’s humility and warmth.

More and more people around the world are turning to Chinese herbs and acupuncture as a complementary and integrative part of their healthcare.

To learn more about this from the established experts, or to try a treatment yourself, Dr Lily and her medical team are available for interviews and appointments. Click here to send us your enquiry.