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Many of us experience stress or nagging aches and pains in our daily lives, but often we don’t take the time out to get to the bottom of these problems and sort them out. If these simple problems aren’t treated however, they can lead to more serious conditions.

AcuMedic has maintained clinical excellence in the integrative treatment of diseases and disorders since 1972. We firmly believe in the value of preventative health.

This workshop will not only help you learn how to live healthier, but also treat your stress and other common ailments with ear acupuncture. Meditation techniques will also be taught to give you a chance to relax and regulate yourself without breaking the bank. This workshop will start from Monday 2 September.

Every Monday from 6.15 to 7.45pm at AcuMedic

£15 per session – book 5, get 1 free!

To register your interest in the Ear Acupuncture Workshop, please contact us on 0207 388 6704 or via email