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Every day for the past 40 years we have had men walking sheepishly into our clinic, browsing our shelves head down, looking embarrassed or awkward. Sometimes they walk out quickly, other times they pluck up the courage to ask to speak to us.

When we see them we know that 9 times out of 10 they are here to talk about their issues in the bedroom and we feel bad for them. Not because of their concerns but because of the stigma attached to male sexual performance.

We wish we could hold up a sign saying:

‘Don’t stress, the majority of men at some point have some issues with erections or premature ejaculation and we can help’.

We want to reassure them that the cause of sexual health issues is not them or their ‘manliness’ but usually other issues like stress, anxiety or lifestyle conditions.

But what about all the men who don’t walk through our doors? The ones that suffer silently and allow it to affect their relationships and happiness. We want to let them all know that there is NO SHAME in having sexual health issues.

We want to tell them all that they do not have to resort to artificial stimulants like drugs and injections but that they can GO NATURAL and find permanent and healthy solutions to a happier sex life through Chinese medicine and lifestyle changes.

So help us spread the word by joining our #NOSHAME campaign.

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