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Just because the IVF clinics are in lockdown does not mean you should forget about trying for a baby. There is still hope.

IVF clinics are shut but our senior fertility expert Dr Lily Hua Yu is here to help you and your partner boost your reproductive health naturally.

Ms J.P. (quoted in the subject line of this letter) is one of amongst many, many busy professionals, in her late thirties, who followed Dr Lily’s advice and realised her dream of a baby. Read her story.

She and her partner were blessed with their child, despite the IVF clinics saying that her reproductive system “declined”. Harsh, and not true.

Your reproductive system needs to be nourished and balanced with a good lifestyle and quality nutrition. If you need extra help then Chinese herbs known to boost fertility are here for you.

There are Chinese herbs that can be used to give nutrition to your reproductive health but just as important are herbs which deal with emotions like fear, depression and anger which change the ecosystem of your body and are just as important for fertility. Find out more in our free guide. 

Which Chinese herbs should your use? What about your partner? It depends, but Dr Lily can help you make the right choices.

She’s on the other end of the line ready to talk to both of you about how you can improve your fertility today.

There are 3 simple steps that you, or anyone you know trying for a baby, should take to access Dr Lily’s 34+ years of experience and find the herbs that can make the difference:

1. Email us at [email protected] to ask for a Fertility Phone Consultation with Dr Lily. We will reply to you with a short questionnaire about your current state of health.

2. Reply to us with your answers and attached photos of you and your partner’s tongue. We will arrange your phone consultation with Dr Lily.

3. Call Dr Lily at an agreed time to answer follow-up questions so she can determine which Chinese herbs you and your partner need to improve your fertility.

We will email to you your personalised herbal prescription so you can order it from our dispensary in London.

The price of the Fertility Consultation is £50. The price of the plant-based medicine is usually £9 per day’s dose of customised herbal prescriptions.

Usual time before initial assessment of the effects of the herbs is 4-6 weeks.

Email us today to take back control of your fertility