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Are you concerned about your Western medical treatment? Worried about how Chinese & Western medicine work together? Do you want to chat with a different GP for a fresh perspective?

AcuMedic is a fully INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE clinic dedicated to giving our patients the most complete treatment possible.

We strongly believe in East-West medical integration.

AcuMedic has an on-site GMC licensed Western medical doctor available for all of our patients. He is also qualified in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.

As an AcuMedic patient you are entitled to book a FREE CONSULTATION with our GMC doctor. He will be happy to:

  • Answer questions about your treatment
  • Advise you of the Western medical perspective
  • Offer advice about follow ups to ask your GP

AcuMedic is proud to offer you this unique service and hopes that it further empowers your health!