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Ms. D. M. K. Y.

I had low immune system and very low energy after having 4 children within 6 years. I had yoga as well as herbal tonics, teas and acupuncture at AcuMedic. The immune system and energy levels are much better! It has helped me to feel hopeful and happy again to better care for and enjoy my children!


Ms. A. B.

I was fine overall but suffering from stress and weak immune system in the winter. Problems with throat. Before coming to AcuMedic I saw normal GP and had lots of antibiotics. The treatment at AcuMedic was very useful to release stress and prevent throat infection/flu. Also helps relieving sinus inflammation.


Ms. P. M-C.

Health – Feeling tired, low immune system. Regularly bloated. Migraine. Period issues. For the last 10 years I saw various doctors at AcuMedic for Acupuncture/Cosmetic/Massage. Best treatment for looking better and definitely feeling better, relaxed and stress-free. I have already highly recommended your Clinic in the past and I will continue to do so in the future!