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Ms. P. C.

I have had treatment for insomnia which has been the best treatment I have tried. The Doctor’s acupuncture and treatment has also been really effective at sorting out my menstrual cycle in preparation for fertility treatment. I always recommend this place to friends.


Ms. J. B.

I had kidney transplant, but was feeling very fatigued and had a very bad sleep pattern. I was struggling to fall asleep. But after acupuncture and herbs am feeling more energetic and sleep is also improving. Thank you to the AcuMedic doctor and her team.


Ms. R. M.

At AcuMedic I use acupuncture which I find works very well in relieving stress and improving my energy levels. It also reduces back pain and helps me sleep. It complements other approaches I use like yoga.


Mrs. C. M.

A young woman visited AcuMedic with complaints of insomnia (frequent waking-up during the night, night-sweating), IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), tiredness and ache in limbs, despite having a healthy history. The diagnosis established a deficiency in the Liver and a disharmony between the Heart and Kidney. After acupuncture and herbal treatment, good sleep and pain relief were achieved.