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Ms. A. T.

In April 20013 my 6 year old son was diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). I can not explain how hard was for me and my husband to see my son in constant tummy pains, blood in his stool, followed by diarrhoea and being extremely weak in strength.

He was so weak that he was no able to walk even to the toilet without help. He was prescribed Mesalazine at the Hospital but there wasn’t a huge improvement.

Because I had a great experience with AcuMedic as my Mother was already a patient for kidney failure, I had a strong belief that Doctors at the AcuMedic might give us a different method.

So, we have made an appointment to see the late Professor Mei who has prescribed him herbal medicine and 3 to 4 days later we have started to see great  improvements.

He has stopped having diarrhoea, his strength was much better and there was no more tummy pains. The medicine that late Professor Mei has prescribed for him was only for three weeks.

Once the three weeks have past and we have run out of medicine, almost 2 days after his symptoms have returned again. We have immediately booked a follow up appointment, and once he was put on a medicine again, the symptoms disappeared. He was on the same treatment for about nine months.

My son started to have recurring tonsillitis with patches of white puss. For one month GPs have prescribed him three courses of antibiotics. And being on IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) that’s extremely dangerous.

So then we have booked an appointment with Doctor Lily, who has prescribed him herbal medicine and effectively cured his tonsillitis. And because his tonsillitis is repetitive and he had it three times again and all three times Doctor Lily’s medicine was effective.

Doctor Lily went a step a further by prescribing him tonics and also altering his usual medicine which has considerably improved his immune system and improved his strength.

I recommend all people who have been diagnosed with IBD, tonsillitis, and kidney failure to see Doctor Lily at the AcuMedic.

AcuMedic is an  effective, professional, friendly and a warm place for people with health problems, I can not recommend them enough.