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Why the silence is making those cramps worse, and is holding you back from the truth

When this month’s cramping kicks in, don’t you just wish you could roll up into a tiny ball, and disappear?

Bearing with the monthly cramping is a part of life. You take it and you ‘deal with it’. Silently and stoically. It’s probably how your mother coped with it.

Which is just as well, since nobody else wants to talk about your period pain. It’s like the last dirty secret of female ‘weakness’. It’s as if there is no place for it outside the girlfriends’ circle and often shrugged off by men.

Who’s afraid of period pain?

Western doctors don’t understand much about it. Your GP knows that your period pain can feel as bad as a heart attack. But the approach seems to be a shrug, a prescription and a ‘that’s life for women so you are going to have to deal with it’.

They may say that you have primary dysmenorrhea. It’s the clinical term for period pain. But there is very little work being done on finding solutions. You will be given ibuprofen. And that’s where the talk about your period pain will probably end.

Enough is enough

Period pain can be extreme. Cramping aches and pain stabbing down the legs while making its way up to cause nausea and forcing you to vomit. WHY are women expected to suffer in stoic silence every month? Why are you expected to ‘deal with it’?

Chinese medicine has been talking about period pain since 200 AD. It has the language for understanding various female conditions and recognises a variety of dysmenorrhea causes.

It’s in the Liver

Whatever the cause of period pain, ‘Liver stagnation’ is a recurrent theme in diagnosis.

Typically, the circulation of blood or essential energy (Qi) within the Liver area is stagnating. This slows down the flow of blood within the uterus, causing a painful traffic jam in circulation.

Chinese medicine treats the resultant period pain with Acupuncture and herbs which combine to gently readjust the flow of blood in your body. Together they replenish the essential energy where Qi depletion is causing painful bottlenecks.

When it’s OK to talk

Chinese medicine views Liver not only as the detox filter but as an engine of blood circulation. Anything that affects your circulation affects your Liver, and vice versa.

Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions can influence your circulation. Bottling up your emotions or suppressing your feelings can build up immense pressure inside your body. And the Liver bears most of that pressure.

This is the reason Chinese medicine treatment always includes regulating emotional health. It understands the repercussions of not talking about your period pain and of storing unhealthy emotions.

The next steps

Stop being ‘stoic’ and ‘brave’ about period pain. This is something that you should talk about and seek treatment for instead of  dealing with it as part of being a woman.

Talk about it with a Chinese medical doctor.

The true cause of the pain in your case may be physical, emotional, or both. You won’t know until you ask.