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Meghan Markle Used Acupuncture to Deliver the New Royal Baby

Regular acupuncture kept the uterus nourished and the mind relaxed

The Duchess of Sussex used regular acupuncture to improve blood flow to her uterus and keep herself relaxed as she prepared to give birth to her son Archie Harrison, Vanity Fair reports.

Acupuncture is recommended before and after giving birth to maintain perfect blood circulation and help the body stay calm and centred. Certain acupuncture points are used to induce relaxation in the run-up to the birth.

After birth, another set of acupuncture points is typically used to help the mother regain her energies.

Thus, a normal acupuncture fertility treatment first focuses on restoring the energy and blood circulation so that positive emotions and a healthy nutritious diet can enable the woman’s body to reach full reproductive potential.

Meghan previously used acupuncture to treat her debilitating migraines. It was her first experience of Chinese Medicine. In an interview with The Chalkboard Mag website she credits acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for her migraine-free life.

She is also using Chinese cupping therapy regularly. Along with acupuncture, cupping has become Meghan’s stress-busting tool for over 10 years now.

You don’t have to belong to a royal family to enjoy the benefits of fertility acupuncture for yourself and your baby.

AcuMedic’s Clinical Director and fertility expert Dr Lily Hua Yu (over 34 years of experience) has helped not only Princess Diana stay calm and healthy during her own pregnancy but enabled countless women to deliver their babies and recover full health (minus the morning sickness).

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