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Ms. P. N.

A 38-year-old woman was diagnosed as infertile (premature ovarian failure – premature menopause) following 4 years of trying for a baby.

During a 7-month period she visited five different gynaecological consultants and practitioners of various complementary therapies and also received nutritional advice.

After identifying a dwindling egg reserve (F.S.H 70-85), some specialists strongly suggested that adoption was a most realistic alternative to bearing her own children. She also had two cysts removed from her abdominal wall and right ovary. Patches of endometriosis were cleared up and her fallopian tubes and ovaries were freed from adhesion to the abdominal wall.

Throughout all of the 7 months, the patient saw Dr. Lily at the AcuMedic Centre and received acupuncture, herbal medicine and holistic advice.The patient’s symptoms included hot flushes, irregular menstrual periods and amenorrhoea.Dr Lily diagnosed Kidney deficiency and disharmony between Liver, Spleen and Stomach.

The diagnosis did not come as a surprise because the kidney is the foundation of all growth, development and sexual maturity. The Kidney is responsible for all the reproductive functioning of the body for a woman (and a man). The blood is the foundation of of all the physiological activity of the body and it is the Liver which stores the blood and regulates its amount and distribution. Hence the Liver is important in the menstrual cycle. The Spleen and Stoamch are responsible for producing blood (from food) which becomes the main source of menstruation.

After following the course of treatment prescribed by Dr. Lily (which involved readjusting the acupuncture and herbal treatments accordingly), the patient’s condition changed and improved. The treatment resulted in the patient getting pregnant.