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Ms. J. P.

It was not long before I came across the term ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’, this was the extreme version of morning sickness. My mother and sister had suffered morning sickness for the entire duration of their pregnancies, and it looked very much like this was to be my affliction also. With multiple pregnancy, the hormone levels are even more elevated, and so I braced myself for a rough ride. Shortly into this rough ride, I began to despair, factoring in my age and this being a twin pregnancy, my chances of miscarriage were very high, a new goal, get to the ‘relative safety’ of a 12 week pregnancy. After nourishing myself with organic everything, freshly cooked by me for months, I was reduced to a ‘diet’ if you could call it that, of crisps and chocolate milk, very little water, not a vegetable or fruit in sight, this went on for many many weeks and was so distressing. The radius of my world became tiny, the kitchen was off-limits (the smell of any food, or the hint that anything had ever been cooked made me sick), the bathroom was a difficult place, any scented product, including toothpaste, made me sick. The outside world largely disappeared, too many smells.

Again I sought the help of Acumedic, and made regular trips for acupuncture and capsules, I made it to 12 weeks and beyond. Then miraculously, my morning sickness abated at 19 weeks, never to return, I got half the pain my sister and mother endured! I kept contact with the clinic, and had a wonderful second trimester, I suffered no emotional lows, swelling or other common pregnancy difficulties. Into my third trimester now, things are good, just a week from seeing our babies faces, I feel happy and heavy!

We owe our new family-to-be to the skill and care of Dr Lily and her team. I will continue to seek out treatment via Chinese Medicine whenever I feel that my body or life are unbalanced. This is a powerful ‘science’ that is still somewhat mysterious to me, but that I can fully attest to delivering astonishing results.