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Ms. C. M.

I use acupuncture at AcuMedic for aches and pains on heel, neck, shoulder and back due to a very serious injury when a bus om Camden hit me in the back in 2009. The AcuMedic doctor’s ability to ‘hit the spot’ relieves me of the niggly aches and pains. AcuMedic rejuvenate and invigorate me. I recommend them to all!


Ms. A. D.

I had treatment massage, acupuncture and cupping at AcuMedic for many broken bones and pain. I felt a real benefit from the treatment. I felt the most benefit from the cupping, as I truly believe my body was holding onto past damage.


Miss. W. M. S-J.

In December 2006 when a car drove into me while stationary in my Honda 90 causing the motorbike to fall on my left leg, which contains a metal plate and 12 screws, ankle to shin (half way up my leg). This caused me trauma and extensive pain and swelling on my already damaged leg and right knee. The hospital said I had a meniscus tear and wanted me to have an operation – instead I had about 15 months of acupuncture (often 40 needles at a time) and the hospital doctors were amazed at the improvement, not then needing an operation and had to admit acupuncture works!


Miss. A. M.

Previously used pain killers for bad back and hip pain. Acupuncture and back massage by the Doctor has been a life saver! I couldn’t move properly. Had to lie straight on blanket placed on the floor. After treatment recovered my mobility, Cannot thank AcuMedic and their doctor enough. Thoroughly recommend them.


Mr. N. A.

I had been suffering from burning pain on my left leg – from top of my hip to my foot. For the last 8 months. Been to have treatment including x-rays privately with doctors as well as having acupunctures in (other) different clinics but nothing has done me good, until having found Acumedic Clinic on Camden High Street.

I have had treatment with the doctor and found myself feeling myself again even during the first visit I felt the difference of having not have to suffer from sleepless nights caused of pain.

I am forever be thankful with the help of this doctor for his great job. His professionalism was really encouraging and more welcoming.


Male, 36, athlete

The patient (male, 36 years old) suffered a traumatic injury to his wrist caused by a fall during cycling. The injury led to slight swelling and evident tenderness at the radial aspect of the wrist. The pain was aggravated by flexing the wrist towards the ulnar side. The injury was diagnosed as a sprain of the radial collateral ligament of the left wrist. The treatment consisted of applying the principal methods of Chinese therapeutic massage (Tui Na). The pain was alleviated after the first treatment. After 6 successive treatments, the patient’s symptoms disappeared. The original functions of the wrist joint were restored and tenderness on the locale had disappeared. Follow-up checks found no recurrence of the symptoms.