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Free Health Guides

Here are some patient guides written by AcuMedic and chinalife (our sister company). They contain a wealth of information, tips and advice on various topics around health and Chinese Medicine. Please share them with your loved ones.

Overcoming Infertility

Understand the Chinese medical view of infertility and find out why AcuMedic is so successful at helping couples have a baby.

Weight Loss Guide

The simple, reliable and healthy way to achieve your optimum weight without the fad diets and drugs.

Support Your Immune System

Strengthen your defences against illness with natural herbs and lifestyle tips from chinalife experts.

Supercharge Your Sex Life

Boost your enjoyment in the bedroom with fantastic tips and natural ways to spice up your love life.

Beat Fatigue

Effective ways to re-energise without the use of stimulants.

Regulate Your Digestion

Guide to common digestive conditions and ways to feel better.

3 Steps to Rise Above Stress

Get to the bottom of your stress and find out simple and effective ways of shrugging it off.

Relieve Your Allergies

Natural ways to relieve allergies.

Defy Your Age

Skin rejuvenation guide offering information about the Chinese Medical approach to beautiful skin.

Chinese Cosmetology

Treatment guide explaining how cosmetic acupuncture and herbal facials can help you have young looking and healthy skin.

Essential Stretch Guide

Alleviate stiff and aching joints and boost energy using our essential daily Chinese stretching techniques.

5 Day Detox Guide

The simple and effective way to naturally detox and feel great.