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The Liver is our internal cleaner, which, given the right support, has the ability to keep the body clear of the junk which can cause illness. Imagine a fish tank with a motorized water filter. If the filter is clogged with toxins from the tank, the entire tank becomes filled with the same contaminants.

In our system, the filter is the liver, the tank is the body, and the fish that has to live in it is you. It naturally detoxes the body and so it is important to look after this organ by maintaining a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, regular exercise and the appropriate amount of rest.

However, if you feel like your body needs a little extra help to cleanse and renew itself, this season is the perfect time to help your body to naturally detox. Detoxing is known to be notoriously difficult, but when it is done naturally using acupuncture and Chinese herbs that boost your body’s elimination organs, detoxing is a relaxing yet rejuvenating experience.

After the treatment you should notice an improvement in overall health, including clearer skin, better digestion and a boost to your energy. To find out more about the ongoing process of detoxing performed by your body visit