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Ms. A. A.

I would like to thank the AcuMedic for treating me for the last 5 weeks. I have chronic sinusitis and problems with my intestines. I have been receiving acupuncture and also taking herbs. I feel that my condition starts to stabilise. For example, I used to have headaches because of sinusitis – now I haven’t got them any more. My doctor at AcuMedic is very professional. She is attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. Whenever I ask her a question about my health she happily explains it to me, and I can see she knows what she is doing. When I come back I will be happy to repeat my sessions. Thanks again.


Ms. A. A.

I have suffered sinusitis, problems with my bowels and right hand side near my liver/gall bladder.

I have also suffered headaches, poor blood circulation.

It’s been a couple of weeks I have been receiving treatment at AcuMedic and already feel energised and feel looked after. I am receiving acupuncture and herbs to cure my condition.

My doctor is very attentive and professional. She creates very comforting environment for me as her patient. She explains everything, is very positive and efficient.

I look forward to recovering and balancing my health with AcuMedic.

Thanks a lot.


Ms. A. B.

I was fine overall but suffering from stress and weak immune system in the winter. Problems with throat. Before coming to AcuMedic I saw normal GP and had lots of antibiotics. The treatment at AcuMedic was very useful to release stress and prevent throat infection/flu. Also helps relieving sinus inflammation.