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Personal Statement

“My mother knew that Chinese and Western medicines were destined to collaborate because we knew the benefits of both. We could see that Chinese Medicine was going to become popular around the world as more people experience its benefits and want to combine it with their Western treatments. My mother wanted me to fulfil this duty and it suits my personality because I am caring and friendly. I listen patiently and I always give positivity to everyone I meet.”


Dr Disha graduated with a degree in Chinese Medicine in 2001 from the Liaoning Shenyang University of TCM, following 5-year course of study.


20 years of clinical experience. Dr Disha’s first appointment was in 2001 at the Xinmin People’s TCM Hospital where she helped patients as a general practitioner. In 2005 she moved to the UK to continue her work as a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Clinical Specialties

Dr Disha’s empathetic and warm character enables her to help patients overcome the psychosomatic cycle whereby emotional conditions lead to physical symptoms which in turn trigger more emotional upset.

Stress is a good example here. When this common mental affliction is not challenged with professional help it can lead to physical conditions such as digestive difficulties which then impact the person’s mental and physical health.

If you have any physical pain then Dr Disha can also help, whether that pain gets aggravated by certain feelings or simply triggers more difficult emotions for you to deal with.

Experience of Working in the UK

Dr Disha has been helping British patients for 16 years now.

She has worked at clinics in London, Yorkshire and Northern Ireland where she was also tasked with training Chinese Medicine doctors in the UK work culture. “I enjoyed the responsibility”, she says, “I explained to them how to cross those cultural barriers that can sometimes slow down communication”.

More About Dr Disha:


“During our first appointment I am ready to listen to you so that I can get to know you more as person and this extra bit of time and attention will help me to tailor your acupuncture or herbal treatment more precisely – which will speed up the effects of the medicine you get from me.

This is one of my strengths – I can be flexible with how I deal with people because everybody should be treated as an individual, and with respect. I understand this well because I have always been sensitive to people’s emotional needs. Working in the UK has given me more experience in how to do this with people from different cultural backgrounds.”