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Dr Yangui Guo – MD BSc MSc MCMIR

Personal Statement

“My father suffered from esophageal cancer and experienced immense pain. After his passing, I witnessed my mother shouldering all the responsibilities and taking care of us, her young children, on her own. This experience taught me what it means to suffer from illness and the pain it brings to a family.

My mother turned her grief into strength and encouraged me to pursue a medical education, hoping that I could help more people in need.

I deeply understand that being a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner is not just a profession but also a responsibility and a mission.”Dr. Guo


Dr Guo’s medical education started at the Gansu Health Vocational College in northwest China where he completed a 3-year Nursing course in 1993. He graduated with a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the Ningxia Medical College in 1999.


In 1993 Dr Guo served as a general practitioner in a Lanzhou health centre for 4 years, where he also focused on newborn disease screening.

After graduating with a TCM degree, he chose to work in local clinics where he could spend more time with patients, which allowed him to earn a deeper understanding of the pain experienced by patients and their families.

In 2000, Dr Guo opened his own acupuncture and massage school where he shared his expertise in preventative medicine and self-care. The guiding principle of this project was his belief that we should not fear getting sick, but rather fear not knowing how to prevent disease.

Many students have since graduated from Dr Guo’s school in Lanzhou, which also earned strong support from the local government.

Clinical Specialties

Dr Guo specialises in pain relief, whether it is pain caused by a musculoskeletal injury or the aches rooted in lifestyle habits or daily stressors.

For example: headaches; neck and shoulder pain; tennis elbow, numbness in the hands; lower back pain; sciatica; knee pain; leg cramps; heel pain; and foot pain.

Dr Guo employs traditional Chinese medical acupuncture and herbal medicine to provide simple and effective relief or elimination of pain. He can also use his reflexology expertise to locate acupoints that will help your body achieve detoxification with maximum efficiency.

Experience of Working in the UK

Dr Guo has been helping UK patients since 2005, starting in Birmingham and then in Manchester. But it is in London where he enjoys working the most:

“I prefer the busy environment of a London clinic, where I get to help many, many different people. And at AcuMedic there are several facilities and lots of treatment rooms and even a tea bar where you get a free cup of Amachazuru herbal tea after their treatment.”

More About Dr Guo

“I will never forget my initial intention and will always remember my mother’s words, dedicating myself wholeheartedly to relieving the suffering of patients. I am well aware that when one member of a family is ill, the entire family cannot find peace. Therefore, by addressing the pain and illnesses of patients, I believe I am also helping a family.

Throughout my clinical career I worked hard to not only relieve my patients’ pain but also to help them understand why they are experiencing pain. I am committed to identifying the root causes of diseases and solving health problems at their core. These efforts have given me a wealth of experience.

In my free time I enjoy traditional Chinese culture, Qi Gong and meditation.”