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Personal Statement

My fascination with the gong fu of health and the transformative effects of acupuncture have inspired me to become a Chinese medical doctor. I have experienced the benefits of acupuncture firsthand and have witnessed its profound impact on the lives of many others. That’s why I chose Chinese medicine as my career.” Dr. Dai


Dr Dai boasts a robust academic foundation spanning both Chinese and Western medical traditions.

In 1995, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Changchun TCM University. Later, in 2008, he obtained a Master’s degree in Chinese and Western Medicine from Yanbian University, in Jilin Province, China.


With over two decades of hands-on clinical experience, including a successful 9-year practice in the UK, Dr Dai’s approach seeks to identify and address the root causes of illnesses.

Dr. Dai stands out as one of the few Chinese Medicine physicians in the UK who can safely and effectively perform Pi and Fu needling — advanced acupuncture techniques deeply rooted in ancient Chinese medicine principles.

Leveraging his extensive medical background and profound understanding of Chinese Medicine,  Dr Dai is renowned for his uniquely personalised and focused care. His treatment plans expertly blend Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage to restore balance and foster the body’s healing ability.

Clinical Specialties

Dr Dai’s expertise covers a wide range of conditions, from chronic and acute pain to insomnia and internal medicine disorders.

Throughout his career, he has helped countless individuals with musculoskeletal issues, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, fatigue, digestive disorders, and weight management.

Experience Working in the UK

Joining AcuMedic’s flagship Centre in London in 2017, Dr Dai has now returned after a short break in 2023. 

During his 9 years in the UK, Dr Dai has seamlessly adapted his deep knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to meet the needs of his patients within a Western medical framework.

His effective treatments and compassionate care have earned him a solid reputation among his patients and peers in the UK healthcare system.

Beyond his clinical work, Dr. Dai is a dedicated educator. As a senior lecturer at the Chinese Medical Institute & Register (CMIR UK), he has taught courses like ‘Acupuncture for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder,’ earning high praise for his well-informed material and practical insights.

More About Dr Dai

When not practising or teaching, Dr Dai finds joy in the simplicity of walking in nature and the strategic play of Chinese chess (xiang qi), reflecting his dedication to balance and mindfulness in all aspects of life.