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Emily is an expert in Chinese medical massage therapy for body pain caused by physical injuries, musculoskeletal disorders and illnesses caused by stress, environment or lifestyle. She has been helping patients in China and the UK for over 21 years.

If you have back pain (e.g. sciatica; lumbar herniated disc, lumbar muscle strain); frozen shoulder; pain in the neck, arms, hips, legs or feet; cervical vertebrae problems, headache; tennis elbow; menopause pain (pains in the stomach or in the joints); menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea), or you need help to heal a bone fracture or to recover from a bone dislocation then a session with Emily can be not only therapeutic but life-changing.

Life-changing – because Emily’s goal with every person she treats is not only to stop the pain but to eliminate it’s root cause, which means improving lifestyle choices and ending patterns that lead to pain without us realising it:

“Whereas other massage therapists focus on the tissue and muscles I use my palpation skills to get a deeper understanding of the original cause behind the pain. This doesn’t mean pushing or pulling harder, instead it is a gentle process of sensing the quality of Qi circulation and Blood circulation along the meridians in the body, before deciding how to treat the pain.Tui Na massage therapy is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine which means we treat pain at its root in the imbalances in Qi energy and Blood as they both affect the health of the whole body and its mind.”

Emily’s ability to sense the condition of Qi and Blood through touch is a result of deep expertise in the field of Tui Na therapy, particularly the two rare techniques she inherited from her grandfather and which were originally known only to the Emperor’s physician in ancient China.

The Zhengqi Guiding Therapy (正气导引疗法) and the Zongjin therapy (宗筋疗法) are techniques which are not widely taught in today’s universities. They are passed on through generations of Chinese of doctors:

“I was born in a Traditional Chinese Medicine family and I have been learning this medicine since childhood. Over the years, I have studied effective natural Chinese medical techniques that can regulate internal health, rebalance the Yin and Yang in the patient’s body, promote Qi energy growth, strengthen then] body’s immunity.

My background, training and clinical experience have taught me how to combine the most effective Tu Na massage techniques with acupuncture and cupping therapies to stop musculoskeletal and psycho emotional pain at its root.”