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Weight Loss with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Are you having trouble shedding weight? Chinese medicine is a healthy and safe way to aid weight loss. In Chinese medicine, normal weight depends on the Spleen and Stomach- responsible for transport/absorption of food and its transformation into energy. When the Spleen and Stomach fail to process food properly and transport the energy, it causes an excess of Damp and Phlegm which results in obesity and excess weight.

By making an individual diagnosis, a Chinese medcial doctor will decipher the specific underlying reason stopping you from losing weight. Thyroid dysfunction, polycystic ovaries, sluggish metabolisms, or diabetes could all be examples where an underlying condition affects the body’s weight. Similarly, an unbalanced diet, irregular meal times, lack of exercise and unstable emotions could all be factors to consider. By making an accurate diagnosis, treatment can be tailored for the individual.

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