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About Underactive Thyroid

Hypo- means ‘under’ or ‘insufficient’. The thyroid gland produces hormones that keep the metabolism functioning effectively. Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) describes the general effects of a severely under active thyroid gland; where not enough hormones are produced to keep the body functioning properly. The adult form of this condition, which affects women six times as often as men, is also known as myxoedema.

Western Medicine View

Treatment for hypothyroidism is by thyroxine. In congenital hypothyroidism, the diagnosis must be made within a few days of birth and thyroid treatment started at once in order to prevent or markedly reduce mental impairment.

Chinese Medicine View

Chinese Medicine sees a direct link between Hypothyroid and problems with Kidneys. Kidneys are lacking Qi (their own essential energy) which they need to perform their function of storing the nutrients from the intake of food and drink and ensuring that those nutrients benefit the body to their full potential. A disturbance of this process, caused by a an insuffieicncy of energy of the kidneys, will cause chronic physical and mental tiredness which is a classic symptom of Hypothyroidism.

According to Chinese Medicine theory acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be prescribed to treat under active thyroid and relieve the symptoms of physical and mental tiredness. Kidneys and Spleen should be tonified and nourished. Moxibustion (which involves igniting a cone or cylinder of moxa close to the skin) can also be used according to CM theory to restore the warm energy of the Kidneys and Spleen.

Lifestyle Advice

For personalised advice on diet and lifestyle, please ask the doctor during your consultation. Please be reminded that we offer free online health advice.