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Image: INVITATION - Chinese New Year!

Invitation - Chinese New Year!

Every year for decades we have been celebrating the New Lunar Year and this year is set to be an extra special one. All welcome!

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Image: AcuMedic WINTER SALE

Acumedic Winter Sale

Winter discounts to get yourself healthier than ever!

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Make Somebody Beautiful

An experience so good you'll see it on their face.

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Image: The Best Clinic in Town. Third Year in a Row

The Best Clinic In Town. Third Year In A Row

A big thank you to everyone who voted for us

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How To Look Your Best This Party Season

It only takes about an hour.

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Image: Are AcuMedic Doctors Registered?

Are Acumedic Doctors Registered?

Yes, all are registered with the Chinese Medical Institute & Register. Google: 'CMIR UK'

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Image: Chinese Medicine for Your Immune System

Chinese Medicine For Your Immune System

How acupuncture and herbs have been used to deal with immune system disorders for thousands of years

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Image: Why are Olympians going crazy for cupping?

Why Are Olympians Going Crazy For Cupping?

If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you’ve probably noticed some strange red marks on some of the top athletes.

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Here’s Your Free Weight Loss Guide

No fad diets. No drugs. No need for your email address. Start slimming now!

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How To Fail At Weight Loss. Fast

Are you guilty of these common dieting mistakes?

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Image: We Need to Talk About Period Pain

We Need To Talk About Period Pain

Why the silence is making those cramps worse, and is holding you back from the truth

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Image: Never Suffer From IBS Again

Never Suffer From Ibs Again

The roots of Irritable Bowel Syndrome go deeper than you think, to the source of all our suffering.

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Image: The Smart Habit to Live Longer & Perform Better

The Smart Habit To Live Longer & Perform Better

As used by Sportspeople. Businessmen, Royalty and Politicians who want to improve performance and buy time.

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Image: Tinnitus Treatment at AcuMedic - Peter Popham's Story

Tinnitus Treatment At Acumedic - Peter Popham's Story

Read the article published in The Independent newspaper.

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Image: NO SHAME in male sexual health

No Shame In Male Sexual Health

Help us spread the word by joining our #NOSHAME campaign!

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Fertility Treatment And Depression

Why it is essential that any subfertility treatment involves stress and emotional management.

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Image: Cellulite tackled by Chinese Medicine

Cellulite Tackled By Chinese Medicine

Everything you need to know to battle this common woe.

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Image: Express Massage - special offer extended. AGAIN.

Express Massage - Special Offer Extended. Again.

Make the most of your Sunday mornings while others sleep.

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Image: Should detoxing be a habit?

Should Detoxing Be A Habit?

Detoxing is known to be notoriously difficult - when done wrong.

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Chinese Medicine On Tobacco

If you are one of the 70% of smokers who wants to quit, consider this.

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Mother's Day Present – Perfect Facial At A Special Price

Pamper your Mum with the complete facial. Now available at a discount until Mother's Day

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What The Year Of The Green Wooden Sheep Means For Your Health

Welcome to the 2015 Chinese New Year – the Year of ‘Green Wooden Sheep’! The Year of the Sheep is otherwise known as the Year of the Goat or Ram. Throughout this year we will see a big focus on health. Expect significant measures taken worldwide to improve health across-the-board. With the help of Chinese […]

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Detox – A View From The Inside

Don't start your detox without this essential information on how it works.

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20 Changes For A Healthier Heart

  February is Heart Health Awareness Month and so we want to call attention to the significance of cardiovascular health in Chinese Medicine. Too many people think they can wait until old age to worry about heart disease. This is a dangerous common belief as cardiovascular disease accounts for one in four of all UK […]

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Revitalised Water For All Acumedic Patients

High quality water is a fundamental requirement for good health and we are determined to give you the best water possible.

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How To Beat The Winter Blues

Here is something that will encourage you to get out of bed during the cold winter months...

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Free Chinalife Tea Cocktail With Your Acumedic Treatment

Just Check-In at AcuMedic on Yelp. Drink in or take away.

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Veganism & Fertility

Here are the top 5 vegan foods for fertility...

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1 Hour Expert Massage - Just £49

Start the week with a massage!   Every Monday and Tuesday our expert massage treatments are available for just £49. Choose from our wide range of massage therapies: powerful, healing Thai massage; invigorating and deep tissue massage (Tui Na Chinese massage); Sports massage or Aromatherapy massage enhanced with pure essential oils of your choice; relaxing Swedish […]

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Tennis Elbow Treatment – Acupuncture Or Massage?

One of the most common questions people ask our Clinic about treatment for tennis elbow is “Acupuncture or massage? Which one is going to help me?” Firstly it is important to emphasise that Chinese Medicine is very suitable for treating tennis elbow because it understands that such tendinitis conditions can be caused not only by […]

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How To Prevent Ageing Naturally

Slow down the signs of ageing

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The Back-to-school Healthy Start Checklist

Follow these 5 golden rules for a healthy start to the new school year

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Visit The Flagship Centre For Health

AcuMedic is a world renowned Chinese Medical clinical organisation founded by Prof. Man Fong Mei, a pioneer in the integration of Chinese Medicine with Western medicine. Established in 1972, AcuMedic has been at the forefront of modern Chinese Medicine in the UK for over 4 decades and its specialists have treated over 50,000 patients. AcuMedic has unrivalled […]

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Gp Doctor Available For Free Consultation

Are you concerned about your Western medical treatment? Worried about how Chinese & Western medicine work together? Do you want to chat with a different GP for a fresh perspective? AcuMedic is a fully INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE clinic dedicated to giving our patients the most complete treatment possible. We strongly believe in East-West medical integration. AcuMedic […]

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Home Recipes For Flawless Skin

Improve your skin quickly with these easy and inexpensive recipes for homemade skincare. Using the ancient secrets of Chinese cosmetology, AcuMedic herbal facials have been designed by expert medical cosmetologists, using botanical cleansers and creams packed full of herbal tinctures, nutrient extracts and pure essential oils to lift away the years, purify and rejuvenate the […]

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12 Habits For A Healthier Spring

Finally, spring has arrived. Flowers are blooming and nature is flourishing, bringing with it a sense of personal growth and new beginnings. In contrast to the overindulgent, laid back and reduced energy of winter, now is the time for new challenges. In Chinese Medicine it is encouraged that as the seasons change, we should adapt […]

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Your Perfect Recipe For The Ultimate Facial

Whatever your skin’s requirements, whether it’s to rejuvenate your skin, put a stop to breakouts or to indulge in a pampering treat, the right facial should be much more than skin deep. A true facial works on inner as well as outer health. The ultimate facial should be a holistic process. It should begin with […]

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5 Steps To Better Kidney Health

The World Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday in March (this year that’s on 13th March). In practice, everyday should be Your Kidney Awareness Day. This organ is crucial to your physical well being for a whole host of reasons, many of which you probably didn’t even know about. Since 2006, the mission […]

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Your New Year's Resolutions – How Your Liver Can Make It Happen

Find out how looking after your liver can help you become successful   ABOUT YOUR LIVER    |    LOSE WEIGHT   |    EAT HEALTHIER    |    GET FIT    |    QUIT ADDICTIONS    |    HAVE A BABY    |    DETOX    |    BECOME SUCCESSFUL What were your goals for […]

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The Heart & Mind In Chinese Medicine And Culture

A Report on the Event held at The Forum, AcuMedic Centre, 5th October 2013 The key principles of Chinese medicine and acupuncture were explained in this lecture focused on the relationship between heart, mind and health. The free presentation was delivered by Professor Man Fong Mei, Clinical Director at the AcuMedic Clinic where over 50,000 […]

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The Inspirational Life Of Professor Man Fong Mei

How Professor Mei changed the face of integrative medicine forever Professor Man Fong Mei was born in the small village of Taishan in Guangdong,  China in 1946 and spent his adolescent years living in Hong Kong. At the age of 16  he moved to London and studied Physics at Kings College, London. He was determined to dedicate himself to integrating […]

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Special Chinese New Year Event Celebrates Life Of The Innovator Of Modern Chinese Medicine

Welcome in the New Year of the Wooden Horse at a special event in honour of the late Professor Man Fong Mei, a man who changed the face of integrative medicine. On Saturday 1st February 2014, AcuMedic and chinalife, situated in Camden High Street, will be paying tribute to the late Professor Man Fong Mei […]

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Professor Man Fong Mei - A True Inspiration

It is with immense sadness that AcuMedic, chinalife, CMIR and the Mei family announce the tragic news that Professor Man Fong Mei passed away on 8th January 2014. A pioneer in Chinese Medicine and East West integration, a philosopher, a physicist and a poet. He will be sorely missed by all those who he touched […]

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Mouth Cancer Action Month – The Role Of Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture

Anyone can be affected by mouth cancer which is now claiming more lives than cervical and testicular cancers combined. This is one of the few cancer variations on the rise – mouth cancer cases have increased by almost 50 per cent over the last decade. The latest statistics show more than 6,500 people in the […]

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Dr. Lily's Top 10 Tips For Improving Your Fertility

Infertility is a common condition around the world. In the UK, infertility is affecting 1 in 6 women and men. The causes vary but ‘unexplained infertility’ is the most common diagnosis in both sexes and often leaves couples feeling hopeless. However, many couples who think they are infertile are able to bring happy and healthy […]

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Health Workshops At Acumedic - Qi Gong, Beauty & Slimming, Ear Acupuncture

Ear-Acupuncture for Stress and Other Common Ailments • Mondays, 6.15 – 7.45pm • £15 per session – book 5, get 1 free • Provisional start date: 2 September 2013 Many of us experience stress or nagging aches and pains in our daily lives, but often we don’t take the time out to get to the […]

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Organic Farming And Chinese Herbal Medicine

A Report on the Event held at The Forum, AcuMedic Centre, 10th August 2013 A group of well-informed participants concerned with the ecological crisis facing our planet got together to discuss organic farming as the basis for solutions. Several interrelated social and environmental catastrophes will certainly descend upon our world should we carry on in […]

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Qi Conscious

Qi (气, pronounced chee) is the vital energy that makes you a living, breathing creature as opposed to a pile of lifeless atoms. It is one of the most important substances in our bodies and directly affects our emotional and physical health. Qi is not just inside us. It’s everywhere. We take it in from […]

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Getting The Optimum Benefit From Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture – Treatment And Health Regulation

A Report on the Event held at The Forum, AcuMedic Centre, 7th September 2013 This informal lecture has been organised in response to one of the most frequently asked questions from the many thousands of patients who have attended the AcuMedic Clinic over the past 40 years: ‘how do I get the most from my […]

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5 Easy Ways To Add Herbs For A Healthy Lifestyle

Herbs have many health benefits which is the reason people in China and around the world have been using them for centuries. Herbs are very versatile and adaptable. They can be used for a variety of health conditions. In Chinese medicine, herbs are used as a natural way to take care of yourself and treat […]

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